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The turtles want food and all they have are these weird stones growing out of the wall... so we got to destroy them with our marbles?!

This is a game you cannot lose - but you can make some funky rythms! Change the drums by clicking the buttons and listen to the patterns as the marbles bounce over the resonating rocks. Turn up the speed and make some hefty Drum'N'Bass - Marble Edition, or go real slow and chill with the turtles. It's up to you!

A game for the Game-A-Week course at the UE Germany by:

Technomancing and Soundwelding: Gereon Plättner

Texturemongering and Colourcalling: Anna Margrét Jónudóttir


A_Turtles_Symphony.zip 43 MB
A_Turtles_Symphony.app.zip 43 MB

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